We understand that selling your property can be a daunting and stressful time in your life as your home is quite often the most valuable assets you will ever own. It is for this reason that we work closely with our sellers to ensure that the process is as simple and as stress free as possible.
As agents, our role is to help you fully understand the sales process and complete the sale comfortably and professionally while achieving the best possible price and sale conditions that meet and hopefully exceed your expectations.

Our team will work closely with you to determine how much your property is worth in the current market utilising our local knowledge and in-depth understanding of market trends and patterns. We are industry experts and have a proven track record of delivering the best results time and time again. 


Next Property Group pride ourselves on being one of the most progressive and successful independent real estate brands in South East Queensland. It is our strong brand, expert sales team and ability to create effective marketing campaigns for our clients that makes us stand out from the rest. We utilise our strong brand presence and combine that with appealing promotion of your property to achieve the best results possible.

Our marketing team work to develop custom marketing materials for each individual property, ensuring that your home is launched into the marketplace and shown in the best possible light. With access to some of the best professional photographers, copywriters, auctioneers and professionally designed and developed marketing materials, we can strategically market your home with a modest investment in marketing that will aid in achieving results such as a premium sale price or positive sale conditions.

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Exclusive Listing: we list most properties on an exclusive basis at which point we are giving you a commitment to work as hard as we can to help you achieve your real estate goals. We will work closely with you to develop a strategic marketing plan that will incorporate contemporary and traditional marketing methods to attract the right buyer and will work within your budget. By listing exclusive with Next Property Group, you are guaranteed to be working with a team of experts that include not only sales experts but also a support team that manages all the administration and marketing tasks on behalf of your agent, allowing them to focus on being out in the marketplace, selling your property.

Open Listing: an open listing occurs when you sign an appointment with multiple agents who can all work to sell your property with the successful agent being the only agent to receive sales commissions. Many people think this will deliver a positive outcome however it often backfires, the number one thing you are looking for when choosing an agent is commitment. You want an agent who believes in your property and will invest their time and energy into a complete marketing campaign and who will actively follow-up buyer enquiry and negotiate hard for you. This is not the type of an agent that an open listing attracts. Instead you end up losing control over the property, what other agents are saying about it and all too often that means going soft on price.

Sole Listing: a sole listing occurs when you sign an appointment with one agent, however you reserve the right to sell the property yourself and will not be required to pay that agent if you successfully complete the sale. 


Since deregulation of commissions within Queensland on 1st of December 2014, sales agents are now free to charge any rate of commission they deem suitable for their services. The Real Estate Institute of Queensland recommends agents charge a minimum of 3%. Agents only get paid when they achieve a sale and their success is often determined by their ability to negotiate, so be cautious when negotiating with an agent on their commission prior to even commencing the marketing of your property. A good agent can easily help you achieve a price and sale conditions that outweigh your investment in their services. By engaging a skilled property sales professional, you can expect to achieve a good price in a realistic time frame so you can move on to the next phase of your life. Doesn’t it make sense to have a good agent properly incentivised to represent you? Remember, you only pay when they perform.

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In essence, when selling your home there is a simple formula that when executed correctly delivers the best results. You need to enlist the services of a real estate expert who understands the strategies and activities that will create the highest level of demand for your property, ultimately helping you achieve your best price in the shortest possible time. If you work with the right agent, the entire sales process will be less stressful and you will happier with the results.