Whether it’s your first home, new home or part of your investment portfolio, at Next Property Group we guide you through every step of your journey.

With the ever changing landscape and a market driven more and more by demand and restricted more so by supply, we have taken a holistic approach to representing buyers in the property market. By expanding the availability of our services to those wanting to purchase their first home, new home or to add another rung on their investment ladder, we are able to not only assist this next generation of buyers, we are also able to manage the whole process from sourcing to handover and beyond for each client as an individual with tailored solutions that meet their needs and not just another step by step process.

Offering expertly managed projects from sourcing the perfect solutions to help you achieve your property goals sooner through to our dedicated project management which takes your new home to handover and beyond, our unrivaled industry experience and elite team of professionals position us to make the process as simple and as easy as possible for you, so you’re able to relax knowing we’re behind you, guiding you every step of the way.

What this means is that we dive in the deep end and take on the entire project. We manage it from the initial “am I in a position to buy?” through the entire scope of works, right down to the colour selection of choice, through the approvals approval process whether that be finance or council or both, through the build process so that what our clients get is exactly what they asked for plus a set of keys but without the stress, down time, lost time, extra expenses, and curve balls that come your way during the property journey. For us, this is about sharing the knowledge that we have developed over time and helping people to achieve their property goals. Our all-inclusive service takes the stress and hard work out of the equation to enable you to take the next step in your property journey with confidence.